Friday, April 8, 2011

thank God it's Friday ;)

i was busy orienting myself into blogging with the help of my dear friend chie wilks of chuchieshideaway  ( thanks a bunch gwapa nga amiga..mwah! ) when suddenly my phone beeped..i got a message from  one of my closest friends asking me to go out with her, together with our other friends.i was hesitant at first coz i am starting to really like blogging especially now that chie told me that i could finally start earning ;) i am very elated coz even if we aren't talking about big bucks here at least, i will be earning AGAIN :) i was thinking of saying 'no' to my friend but somehow the memory of our last hang out stopped was so much fun that i could really say that we partied like a rockstar.hehehe..i'm looking forward for another fun night that's why i'm out in here for now ;) 

below is one of the very few pictures where i'm still sober :D  ( baby,i know u would be reading this but i assure you that i'm no drunkard!ha!ha!ha! )

ain't i having a great time? ;) 

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