Monday, April 11, 2011

blue and yellow monday

his one and only shot for that  'jollibee day' wherein he's facing the wouldn't believe how energetic he is..nobody in the family can keep up with him 
that devilish grin again coz his papa never got the chance of holding him
coz he's running around like a mad mam..LOL!

gotcha jhyrus vincent :)  time to behave and face the cam  ;)

This adorable young man is my favorite nephew (so far) ;) I hope u noticed that he's wearing both his first Hongkong t-shirts :) Since he also became instantly my boyfriend's paborito this little rascal here :D ended up with so many pasalubong when we went to Hongkong. He seemed to like the t-shirts the most coz he would point out to his nanny (that's because he still can't talk) what he's going to wear and his choices would either be the yellow or blue shirt.

these are my first share for yellow and blue monday

Smiling Sally


  1. handsome little devil...hahahah great post dai welcome to mym and bm.

    i link ni imo post ngadto sa host sa meme dai..ilink ang direct url.

    to get the direct url, click on the blog post title then copy the link. then paste it on the host's blog. i already did it for u dai..

    happy blogging

  2. cute...devilish man jud ang term....:) thanks for dropping by my BM...Akesha won't ride on a roller coaster for kids...but she went on with hubby when we went to Seaworld last time.

  3. Happy 1st Blue Monday!

    Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

  4. Happy Blue~ He is too cute!

  5. Welcome to Blue Monday. Glad you could join us and show off that precious nephew. You can tell he is full of energy and mischief.

  6. Ang cute naman ng little boy .. behave always ok ..



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