Thursday, April 7, 2011

shoot me! 1 of 52

hola everyone :)
this is my first time to join this meme and I apologize in advance for my entry if others find this too daring. I chose this especially coz I feel good about myself lately. I had put on some weight according to my close friends and this really mean a lot to me since most of them used to tell me that I was pretty skinny..other people try so hard to shake that excess fat off while I eat my heart out just to gain weight..mind you,it's excessive eating and it is frustrating as dieting without seeing any result..the irony of life!anyway,this picture was taken last week during our family outing by my baby sis :)

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Forever In Blue Jeans


  1. oh holly molly! hehehhe super sexy be and don't be sorry about the photo because it is worth-sharing..

    mine is up too

  2. woot woot! kkaenvious naman ito.

    i am ur newest follower.

  3. look great...wish I could eat all I want. Seems I am forever having to watch what I put in my mouth! Welcome to shoot me!

  4. I think you look great!! Welcome to the challenge. It's so much fun to look back the past 2 years and see actually have picture of me!

  5. I sure wish I had your metabolism! You look awesome!

  6. Hi,

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  7. Hi girl wow .. so sexy .. nice one!



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