Saturday, February 5, 2011

Soleil dans ma vie

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend and lucky is my best friend whom my little angel is very much captivated with.
Normally, my one and only nephew (so far) is very jealous of the people who get attach to his immediate family members. Many incidents had proved how ‘jelly’ he is to other kids whom we are fond of cuddling. He will surely do stuffs just to catch everyone’s attention and bingo! we ended up swarming over him. Such an attention seeker! :D
I am one hell of a guilty aunt for spoiling this little man but what can I do? He’s an ultimate charmer and I love him hook, line and sinker. Honestly, I admit that he’s a bit bratty but my boyfriend thinks otherwise. Maybe it is because my nephew had charmed him as well ;-)
For an eleventh month baby I’m amazed how he managed to get everything he wanted. Reminiscing, I’m still elated until now every time I think of their first meeting. My boyfriend and I spent our vacation for almost a month and I’m quite nervous that baby jao won’t go near baby thom because the latter and myself is very clingy to each other :D Witnessing how jealous baby jao is, I’m having butterfly on my tummy while the fast craft is approaching the harbor because my sister’s family is going to meet us up including the little man of course : )
Who would have thought that baby jao could be so warm with my boyfriend when baby thom is holding my hand while we are going near them? My nephew literally ignored me while he was busy reaching out to my bf…Ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr! now, who’s the jellyfish here? :D
It warmed me knowing that the two hit it off right away seeing how happy they are together from the beginning and all throughout my boyfriend’s stay in our place. It had been a good start and I’m having my fingers crossed that in the future the two would still be as amiable to one another as they are this days : )


  1. Mao ni ang mga cute babies sa imong life sis Shine. Haha na-itsapwera na ang aunt kay nkakita og power ranger si baby Jao...saon nalang. Who knows dai pohon mgpakners na sila.hehehe...

    visit2x ko...daghan2x nag sulod.. go go go dai...

  2. kani najud sis chie..dungagan pani nko aq mga anak.hehehe..mag one on one naning duha puhon..mga gamhanan man ni :D
    thanks sa visit kai nagmingaw ang akong payag :D



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