Friday, February 4, 2011

Singapore trip

I have been dreaming since I was a kid to travel to various places and to be able to experience different cultures and see countless scenery a certain place could offer.

Slowly, that childhood dream has been materialized when I finally took a flight wherein amazing Singapore would be my first out of the country destination : )

Singapore became my first choice because it was like a ‘two bird in a stone’ thingy since the itinerary proved to be pleasurable apart from being educational. It was a 5 day trip and every penny I spent was all worth it.

I don’t plan to do tourism for the said country because many sites could very well do the honor ;-) what I’m planning to do instead is to show off my narcissistic poses since I truly was overwhelmed of the experience. So please bear with me :D

I surely had a blast! And for that, I’ll let my pictures do the talking ;-)


  1. ka nice sa mga posing nimo palang mka-enjoy ang title, nkalimut ka butang sa title

  2. hahaha!luoya nko..way sayod jud dai..pasagdahi nlang sa..sunod butangan na..ok rani dai?dli ra mkaulaw?hehehe

  3. ok kaau be oi...i hope mag-enjoy ka sa blogging..pastime ra ni xa for now pero later on, you'll see extra earner diay

  4. all the pics...:) agi ko dire kadali..thanks for following....:) looks like you are new to blogging...welcome and enjoy!



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